Adrenaline-packed Adventure Park opens at Eastern-Virumaa

Alutaguse Adventure Park opened its doors to the visitors. Here you can test yourself on five different tracks, enjoy an air-ride and jump like Tarzan down from a tree that is 9 meters high.

“Adventure Park in Eastern-Virumaa gives locals and both domestic and foreign tourists opportunity to try a bit more extreme kind of entertainment. We are glad that in addition to Tubing Park, which is the only one in Estonia having also a summer track, Alutaguse Recreational Sports Centre now has one more unique year-round entertainment complex“ said Robert Peets, Member of Board of the MTÜ Mäekeskus.

New Adventure Park is situated at Illuka municipality in Alutaguse Recreational Sports Centre. It was established by MTÜ Mäekeskus in cooperation with Illuka Municipality and with the support of EU.

Adventure Park was built by French company which has track building experience since 1997. The tracks of Adventure Park were measured last October: the highest platform is 13 meters above the ground level. Built to meet strict quality standards, this park is the safest and most user-friendly adventure park in Estonia. Adventurer wears a climbing belt which is fastened to the safety ropes. All descends end with a unique spring system which frees the adventurer from wearing gloves and slowing down.

Main tracks of Alutaguse Park is planned to have 45 elements. The longest ride is about 115 meters. Tracks are hided between trees and on trees and have different levels of difficulty. In addition to practice track there are several exciting tracks with different levels of difficulty, such as air-ride across tubing and ski tracks.

Passing through the five adventure tracks which were built at the first phase of the project, will take approximately 1-2 hours. Next year, the MTÜ Mäekeskus plans to open adventure track for children and build attraction which is the longest air-ride in Estonia, crossing the nearby lake.



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