Series “World Music Rituals” – Vikings. Ensemble Krauka (Denmark)

Place: White Hall

GUDJON RUDOLF GUDMUNDSSON lead vocals, jewharp and percussions
JENS VILLY PEDERSEN flute, zither, rebek and vocals
AKSEL STRIIM bowed lyre, shawm
SØREN ZEDERKOF flute and vocal

Genuine Viking melodies, songs from the harsh times 1000 years ago with authentic instruments. Krauka’s music takes the audience back to the era, when Norwegian culture flourished all over the Nordic countries. The concert is enlivened by local Estonian Viking reenactors, who display a spectacular and bloodcurdling combat. The audience can sample the delicious food and drinks from the chefs of Viking Village.

Ticket 12 € / 8 €,,



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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