Kristel Haidak opened her first personal exhibition

Kristel Haidak
Born 17 May 1977 in Tartu, Estonia
Studied painting at the University of Tartu
Working with stained glass for more than 10 years
‘You are awaited…’ is the artist’s first personal exhibition.
In tandem with the exhibition at Tallinn Airport, a virtual exhibition of the artist’s stained glass art can be viewed online.

All 11 works in this exhibition were created especially for it, including two stained glass pieces which were created as a gift for the Children’s Clinic of the University of Tartu Hospital to bring some light and colour into the lives of its young patients.

Stained glass is arguably one of the most dignified and exciting art forms. Its beauty creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in people’s homes, but can also adorn working environments and public spaces. It has practical value, too, shielding views from prying eyes without sacrificing natural light in the process.

‘You are awaited…’ For an exhibition dedicated to waiting and to the hopes that come with it, no venue could be more suitable than an airport with all of its comings and goings, farewells and reunions. It’s here that we wave off our friends and family, sending them on their way, and already impatient for their return.

My exhibition speaks to everyone a little bit differently – we’ve all experienced waiting for someone or something, whether it be with excitement and animation or more of a sense of nervous anticipation. Sometimes waiting is a choice we make; other times it’s something we can’t avoid. And every now and then we have to strike a balance between what we’re waiting for – our expectations – and the unexpected turns life can take. We all have stories about expectations and things we’ve waited for – and the best thing about all of them is knowing that all of us in turn are needed and awaited.


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