Bogapott Cafe & Art Shop

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Bogapott Cafe & Art Shop / Esittely

Bogapott was founded in 1992. In the beginning it was an Estonian-Finnish collective company. There was a café, an art-shop and a public toilet in the house located in Tallinn´s old town between its Long and Short Leg. The art shop also sold handicraft materials. Since 1993 the Finns were the sole owners of the company and they renamed it to Kinaver - scarlet red. In 1998 the place was sold back to Estonians. Since then the compnany is called Bogapott again (Boga comes from the name Bogatkin, pott means pot). We have added a wing to the house, finally realizing the idea of a ceramics studio, and enlarged our café to the cellar, where we have a fireplace now. We are proud of our small company. And of course, what is most important, we are unique in Tallinn!
In our ceramics studio you can see the artists: sculptor Airike Taniloo-Bogatkin and her husband ceramist Georg Bogatkin doing their everyday work. In the art-shop (which does not sell handicraft products any more) you find artifacts that are made in our ceramics studio, also the works of other Estonian artists - ceramics, silk paintings, glass, jewellery, paintings, some textile works, leatherworks, souveniers etc. In our café you can have a coffee, a cappucino or an espresso. You can enjoy fresh sweet or salty pasteries on the Angels Balcony - there are angels hanging down from the medievial ceiling. You can have intimate conversations in the cellar by the fire and have relaxing moments in our romantic inner court during the summer. In the café all the dishes and drinks are served from tableware made by Georg Bogatkin himself.

Bogapott Cafe & Art Shop / Galleria

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