Elva Linn

Elva, Tartumaa



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Elva, Tartumaa

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Elva Linn / Esittely

Elva – a lovely small town in South-Estonia has special qualities which charm its visitors. Due to its variable landscape, peaceful pinewoods, clearwatered lakes and the picturesque banks of the River Elva, this town has been one of the most celebrated summer resorts over the past century.

A visit to Elva means the freedom to roam in the peaceful forests, go for a swim in the refreshing waters of Lake Paisjärv or enjoy the pleasures of the sandy beach of Lake Verevi. The opportunity to go fishing in the picturesque bends of the River Elva, relax on the snowy ski tracks and the numerous sporting facilities attract holidaymakers to Elva all the year round. Besides, a great variety of footpath routes are available for those seeking for more active pursuits.

Today’s Elva with its 6300 inhabitants is an attractive small town renowned for its peaceful pine forests and picturesque gardens. It is a lovely place for living, work and relaxation. Kesk Street – the main street of Elva is lined by numerous shops, cafes and banks. It is also the site of Elva Town Government. A visitor is welcome to spend a pleasant evening in the local bar, restaurant or pub. Besides, cosy accommodation is easy
to find in a motel or guesthouse nearby. Visitors are also welcome to take part in cultural
and sports events in Elva.

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