Forum Cinemas Astri

Narva, Ida-Virumaa



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Narva, Ida-Virumaa

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Forum Cinemas Astri / Esittely

Forum Cinemas Astri brings a wide variety of new films week after week to the growing cinema audiences in Eastern Estonia and there is something for every taste and age. All the biggest blockbusters have its premieres in Astri alongside with the cinemas in Tallinn and Tartu. The movies are equipped with the Estonian and Russian subtitles and in addition to that many blockbusters will reach the movie audiences in Narva also dubbed into Russian.

Forum Cinemas Astri is situated in the hotspot of Narva, on the third floor of the most modern shopping and entertainment centre in town called Astri. The three cinema halls of the movie theatre (147, 131 and 131 seats respectively) offer a world class picture and sound quality and the most comfortable seating a cinema can have. The angle of the seating rows will guarantee unlimited access to the screen from each and every seat in the hall and there is enough space and leg room between the rows so that a movie lover can sit back and relax even if a fellow movie-lover wishes to pass you. The movie experience is further enhanced by the 10-metre wide movie screens that guarantee even distribution of light onto the screens and also a better and sharper picture quality. The high quality of cinema projection in Forum Cinemas Astri is guaranteed by Dolby Digital sound processors and Kling & Freitag speakers.

In these days a cinema is not just a place to watch movies - there are special baby mornings so taht also mothers and fathers with their baby can come to the cinema and enjoy a movie. In addition, the live broadcasts from Metropolitan Opera New York and also London National Theatre have grown more and more popular in Narva. There is always something interesting going on.

Purchasing movie tickets has become increasingly easy for the movie-goer — in addition to the possibility to buy tickets at the box-office during pre-sales there is also a chance to purchase or book tickets on the internet. On our web-page it is possible to see available seating in real time. If you have a chance to print out the tickets before going to the cinema, you can also avoid the line at the box-office.

FORUM CINEMAS ASTRI opened its doors on April 20, 2006.
The operator of the cinema is Forum Cinemas AS and the movie theatre in Narva belongs to the same group with Coca-Cola Plaza and Kosmos in Tallinn and Ekraan in Tartu. There are more than 160 movie theatre screens in Forum Cinemas chain situated in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Forum Cinemas chain belongs to SanomaWSOY OY, the leading media company in the Nordic countries.

Have a great time at the movies!

Forum Cinemas Astri / Galleria

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