Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

Tallinn, Harjumaa

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House / Esittely

Sushihouse is far from only a sushi-serving restaurant. Situated in the old city of Tallinn, the building, which is also known as the most famous ghosthouse, derives from 14th century. Sushihouse is a modern a la carte restaurant, which serves healthy food and natural beauty for a demanding taste.
The house has been resided over the centuries by wealthy merchants, goldsmiths and aldermen.

Fusion cuisine, which is based on french influence, blended with elements of Asian cuisine, offers you freshness, contrast and pure taste.
In addition to best sushi in town, the rich and various menu contains grill and wok dishes, along with fresh salads.

Unforgettable interior, fabulous service and various rooms, where in addition to the traditional restaurant layout are available lounge and cigar room and also a comfy-cozy chamber with soft pillows, which offer a chance for a very relaxed pastime. Our restaurant can offer room for 60 persons.

As cuisine gives definition to a place, owners love to accentuate that they definitely do not offer only pure japanese cuisine, but rather a mixed-style cuisine (french-japanese) with a modern approach.
Sushihouse is a well-balanced mixture of old and new, where cultures (east-west; old-new) coexist in balance and harmony instead of a collision.

As an alternation to enjoyable pastime at the restaurant, Sushihouse offers you an opportunity to arrange caterings and entertaining-educative sushi- and cigar courses. In addition, there is always an opportunity for you to buy sushi from Sushihouse restaurant and from Stockmann department store. Naturally, we also offer a delivery service for those who are short with time.

We also offer exclusive drinks Sushihouse is the official importer of such drinks as like Choya japanese plum liqueur and – wine, or, for example, the exquisite cognac Kelt Petra, XO, VSOP, etc, produced by the only Estonian chateau owner in France, Champagne.
The name of Kelt’s “Tour du Monde” series means that all of the bottled cognac has to take a tour around the world before it reaches the market.

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