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Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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Ivo Nikkolo Fashion Shop In Pärnu / Esittely

Ivo Nikkolo is a well-known Estonian fashion designer who designs collections for men and women under his own-named fashion brand Ivo Nikkolo.

The style of the Ivo Nikkolo collection can be described as classical with a twist to current trends. The overall look is rather Nordic – from business to smart casual looks. People wearing Ivo Nikkolo love design and value quality, they are trendy but follow their own style – the feeling is that matters.

The aim of Ivo Nikkolo is to design high quality clothes, which are functional and original. Products sold under Ivo Nikkolo brand emphasize on simplicity and comfort and contain new technological solutions. Ivo Nikkolo has a marvelous instinct in choosing fabrics. His outstanding knowledge of clothes’ construction and of constantly developing sewing technologies, his remarkable devotion to work has provided him the opportunity to compete in Nordic textile and clothing markets. Besides home market Estonia, Ivo Nikkolo is exported to Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Ivo Nikkolo collections for men and women can be bought from Ivo Nikkolo brand stores in Tallinn, Pärnu and Helsinki and in multi brand store NK Dam in Stockholm.

Ivo Nikkolo Fashion Shop In Pärnu / Galleria

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