Jõgeva Linn

Jõgeva, Jõgevamaa



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Jõgeva, Jõgevamaa

Jõgeva, Jõgevamaa

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Jõgeva Linn / Esittely

Jõgeva Town is secured, friendly and with good image capital of Vooremaa, where lives 6200 residents. People of Jõgeva are active and with positive attitude. In this year pasts 406 years of first mentioning of this region and 67 years accrediting Town rights. We have evolved from Town of Railway to Town of Culture.

In Jõgeva are borne poet Betti Alver and composer Alo Mattiisen – one from the notable of Singing Revolution. To memorialise them, there are organised every year Betti Alver’s Poetry Days and Alo Mattiisen’s Music Days, which are well known all over the country.

Small enterprising encourages Town to expand. Well developed are Commerce and Services.

Good Town Spirit, which sits on the rock in fort of the Cultural Centre, helps keeping good mood.

In Jõgeva you can enjoy yourself and you can feel yourself like at home.

Jõgeva Linn / Galleria

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