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Juminda tuletorn / Esittely

The lighthouse is located on the northern coast, near the Gulf of Finland, on Jumenda peninsula. The first lamps from acetylene were established on the Juminda cape in 1931. On the height 10 m over the sea the lantern was located, and its had speed of blinking by 150 flashes in a minute, 8 kilometers were visible 79 ° sectors O, S and W to 299 °. In 1937 on the cape was constructed new lighthouse from reinforced concrete, which was 24 m in height and 2 meters in diameter. Height over the sea 32 m and visibility of 8 miles. The light character was: Fl W 1 s; 0,2 + 0,8 = 1 s. After 1983 there were no changes in light characteristic. On the lighthouse Jumenda at the beginning of 1990 as a illuminants were ASA-50 and spare lamp EM-300. Because the shadows from the forest started falling on the lighthouse, its height was increased by 8 m, the room with light and balcony were added. In 2007 was established 7W 350. In time of the Second World War, the life-saving station was working near the Juminda lighthouse

Juminda tuletorn / Galleria

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