Maardu Linn

Maardu, Harjumaa



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Maardu, Harjumaa

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Maardu Linn / Esittely

When you come to Estonia and to its capital Tallinn, don`t forget to visit its smaller sister Maardu, a town located 15 km from Tallinn.

Maardu is a dynamic town which in the future will develop into a logistic and transit centre between different countries, but first and foremost, between East and West, between EU and Russia. Maardu has a perfect geographic location - it is situated in the middle of sea, railway and road transport routes.

Tallinn 15 km by highway
Helsinki 90 km by sea
Narva 200 km by rail and by highway
St. Petersburg 320 km by rail, by highway, by sea
Riga (the capital of Latvian Republic) 300 km by highway

Maardu is ready to cooperate with anybody wishing to invest into new enterprises, terminals, banks, transport routes, culture or sports in the territory of the city or in its surrouns.

In order to become more convinced in the opportunities our home town offers, you have to visit us: "It is better to see once for yourself than to hear a hundred times". The people in Maardu are hospitable and friendly. It would be a great pleasure to meet you!

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