Maeru Trahter

Keila, Harjumaa



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"Armas ja hubane koht. Praed suured ja maitsvad. (5.0)" Arvioi

Keila, Harjumaa

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Maeru Trahter / Esittely

Maeru Tavern is popular among locals and people from Keila and Tallinn, as well. The Keila-Haapsalu road is a pleasant change for drivers whose destination is Haapsalu or West Estonian islands. Therefore, is a suitable place to make a stop on the way. It's also comfortable to have lunch in Maeru for those who play golf or ride at Niitvälja that is only ten kilometres away. People who decide to eat at Maeru Tavern can combine it with a small trip and they won't regret it. There are fascinating sights in the neighbourhood: Vasalemma Manor House in neogothic style built in 1893 (five kilometres away), Padise Monastery from the 13th century (ten kilometres away).

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Arvio: 5.0

Armas ja hubane koht. Praed suured ja maitsvad. (25.03.2014)

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