Meenikunno Landscape Reserve



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Meenikunno Landscape Reserve / Esittely

Meenikunno landscape reserve The landscape reserve comprises Meenikunno bog. A plain cabin for hikers, a place to make a camp fire and a lookout providing magnificient views of the bog have been built near the bog. A boarded path, which is 2.4 km long, leaves hikers’ feet dry in the bog. During the hike you get to know peculiar nature and can listen to the sounds of the bog. The hike will end at the Sunset loghouse, where you can light a camp fire, and upon reservation, stay overnight. From the balcony of the second floor of the house you can admire the marvellous sundown in the bog. Two lakes are situated next to each other in the landscape reserve: the waters of Lake Nohipalu Valgejärv are one of the most transparent in Estonia and in contrast to them the waters of Lake Nohipalu Mustjärv are among the darkest in Europe. Both lakes are good for fishing and bathing. It is possible to order trail rides to be organised in the nature reserve and its surroundings.

Meenikunno Landscape Reserve / Galleria

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