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MTÜ Uhti küla süda / Esittely

The current owner of the building is the Ülenurme Parish. The Ülenurme Parish had been searching for an appropriate function and a leaser for the building, until a suitable form of cooperation was found with the company MTÜ Uhti Küla Süda lead by Kai Paks. According to the new plans of the Uhti inn and within the framework of the present project, the building is expected to play the role of a so-called Open Studio. Everything manufactured on the spot can be purchased. Besides, here you can watch masters at work, creating art and doing handiwork. You can also learn and try your hand at it.

Special conditions for heritage conservation were compiled in 2005. The use of the inn’s old building in this way also supports the concept of tourism development on the Põlvamaa segment of the Tartu-Võru postal road.

Lähetä sähköposti



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