Muhu Adventure Park

Muhu, Saaremaa



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Muhu, Saaremaa

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Muhu Adventure Park / Esittely

Welcome to Muhu Adventure Park – a perfect outdoor hub of challenging activities for seasoned adventurers as well as for total beginners, from young children to adults. Even though all our trails are suitable for taking without assistance, visitors can have an instructor to supervise and assist them in taking the trail. We will find a way to encourage also people with a fear of heights to try out our activities.
Come and enjoy the beautiful forest and

MUHU ADVENTURE PARK is a new adventure centre located on the Island of Muhu, in the territory of a former Soviet military base, and those visitors who do not care much about climbing have the opportunity to look at the remains of the military facility.sensational climbing adventure either on your own, with your friends or family!

Muhu Adventure Park has eight rope courses of different complexity with a total length of 1,200 metres. All climbers are equipped with individual safety gear and will undergo safety instruction after which each climber will take a training course monitored by our instructor who will thus be able to see if the climber is able to use the safety gear properly, or needs further safety training.

Muhu Adventure Park / Galleria

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