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Naissaare tuletorn / Esittely

In 1788, wooden beacons were erected on the northern and southern extremities of the Naissaar Island. The decaying northern lighthouse was replaced by a 38m round limestone structure in 1849. Although the tower was damaged and the outbuildings burned down during the Crimean War, the lighthouse was quickly fixed and put to work again in 1856. The stone light- house and its outbuildings were destroyed by the Soviet troops in 1941 during World War II. A wooden 38m high tower served as a replacement from 1946 to 1960, after which a 45m reinforced concrete octahedral lighthouse was built. A new lantern room was installed in 1999. The simple and traditional looking lighthouse was one of the last ones in Estonia to have a lighthouse keeper who left from service in 2004.

Naissaare tuletorn / Galleria

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