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Norrby alumine tuletorn / Esittely

Lighthouses Norrby are on the northeast coast of the island Vormsi at distance of 950 m from each other. In 1916 were established wooden lighthouses. Height of the bottom lighthouse was 14 m and of the top lighthouse was 29 m. Lamps was established on the lighthouses in 1923. In 1925 on the light of bottom lighthouse was (59° 02’ N, 23° 20,1’ E) on the height 18 m over the sea and visibility of 18 miles, light characteristic: Iso W 4 s; 2 + 2 = 4 s. The height over the sea of the top lighthouse light was 29 m and visibility of 32 miles, light characteristic: Fl W 1 s; 0,3 + 0,7 = 1 s.

In 1936 lighthouses was constructed of reinforced concrete, the bottom in height 22 m and 2 m in diameter, the top: in height 32 m and 3 m in diameter. The bottom lighthouse was colored in white and the top lighthouse had white bottom and red top. Automatic lamps were installed. The height of the bottom light was 21 m over the sea, the top: 35 m. Characteristic of the bottom lighthouse light: Fl W

1 s; 0,3 + 0,7 = 1 s. Characteristic of the top lighthouse light: Iso W 4 s; 2 + 2 = 4 s. In 1979 the light visibility was 12 miles. In 1995 the characteristic of the bottom lighthouse light was changed: Iso W 2 s. In 1980 in lighthouses power supply was carried out and established new lamps EMS-210. Today the lighting equipment is upgraded. Some constructions and shed near the top lighthouse had been remained and now are in private.

Norrby alumine tuletorn / Galleria

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