Reinholdi Külalistemaja

Haapsalu, Läänemaa



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Haapsalu, Läänemaa

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Reinholdi Külalistemaja / Esittely

We locate in seaside resort town Haapsalu in a quite area of that old town From our Quest House is only 5 minutes walk to the centre of trade, to the heart of the town, to the bus station and to the bishopric burg. It takes only 5 minutes promenade to feast one’s eyes on a fine sunrise or sundown Inside the Reinhold’s Quests House there are fuseour rooms. In the building there are 2 double bed rooms and 2 rooms provided with three beds. Our quests have the of the modern shower bath. You can park your car safely in the yard. Whereas Reinhold’s Quests House is small, we consider its strongest point cosiness and domesticity.
Prices: room provided with three beds 425.00 (a period of 24 hours) Double bed room 350.00 (a period of 24 hours)
Breakfast 25 – 35.00
Our quests are welcomed night and day!

Reinholdi Külalistemaja / Galleria

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