Restaurant Elevant

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Restaurant Elevant / Esittely

If it is bossanova you are listening to right now, then it's probably performed by Japanese, if the rhytms are Asian, they are created by some London genius of Indian origin, and the hip-hop is obviously mixed by DJs from Vienna.

The room around you is ecologically clean. The wall surfaces are finished with natural paints, the recipes of those originating from Medieval Europe, containing ingredients like eggs, cottage cheese and natural pigments from Northern Africa. The doors and floors are covered with natural oil.

The most unprecedented experience is the food. The menu you have just opened combines elements from India's long history and noisy streets of today's Calcutta, five star restaurant chefs and Northen India's homemade food, other national cuisines and ayurveda medicine. Here you will find a large variety of traditional vegeterian and as many untraditional meat dishes - everything you will find nowhere else in Tallinn.

This environment is open, like a poem, the whole world in it's colorful variety flowing through it.

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