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Ristna Tuletorn / Esittely

1873 - a 21.3 metre high cylindrical tower with a diameter of 2
metres was ordered from France.
1874 - on the 1st October the new lighthouse started to work
1875 - a 7 poods copper watch was put on in the lighthouse.
1879 - a fuel barn was built for keeping paraffin.
1885 - the light system of the lighthouse was changed, rotating
screens were installed.
1902 - an electric light was lit in the lighthouse
1918 - the lighthouse was badly damaged by the battles of the
First World War
1920 - The lighthouse works again. During the repairs the stem
and the support frames were covered with a concrete shell.
The outlook of the lighthouse remained unchanged since then,
only the equipment has been modernised.
1998 - big repairs were carried out in the ligthouse
2007 - the lighthouse is open for visitors
The lighthouses of Ristna and Tahkuna were ordered and
produced at the same time, but allegedly the lighthouses were mixed up by mistake. The Tahkuna
and also the Ristna lighthouse were
designed in Eiffel's factory.

Ristna Tuletorn / Galleria

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