Sillaotsa Talumuuseum



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Sillaotsa Talumuuseum / Esittely

After crossing the footbridge you will be on the territory of the museum (opened in 1982) and you can take a look at the buildings, exhibits and the dendro park.
The farmhouse including a barn (built in 1914) was the birthplace of the last resident of Sillaotsa farm, Aleksander Parnabas (1919-1986), who established the museum.
Most of the agricultural implements shown here are the handwork of local masters.
Flax, cultivated on the loamy soils of Velise and Vigala, was appreciated also outside Estonia. Flax cultivating tools date back to the beginning of the century and are still unstable.
In the living room there are photographic materials about the last residents of the farm and also handicrafts made by farm mistresses of different generations.
In the back room, we find master's library, which contains fiction, agricultural textbooks and his own research works on his native place.
The reconstructed threshing-room expresses the owner's way of living - mixture of the archaic and the modern.
The so-called "Whitsun swing-party", held in the birch grove at Sillaotsa since 1987, is a new tradition.

Sillaotsa Talumuuseum / Galleria

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