St. Peterburg Hotell

Pärnu, Pärnumaa



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Pärnu, Pärnumaa

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St. Peterburg Hotell / Esittely

St. Peterburg is a highly ranked hotel, located in the centre of city Pärnu offering you to enjoy a holiday filled with history in the atmosphere of Peter the Great.
A unique opportunity to enjoy 17th century atmosphere right in the centre of Pärnu. In the same building there is also a restaurant called Seegi Maja (The Almshouse), a building that was reconstructed from the almshouse of the Holy Spirit`s Church in 1658, is known to be the oldest building in Pärnu.
According to a survey, the wooden raft under the basement of the building dates from the period of 1250-1350. The building was restored in a way it looked in the 17th century.
Hotel is equipped with one single and 50 double rooms, 3 rooms with bath, one Katariina suite with baldachin bed. Hotel has 2 suites, one with sauna and the other with jacuzzi.

St. Peterburg Hotell / Galleria

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