Teater Vanemuine

Tartu, Tartumaa



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Tartu, Tartumaa

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Teater Vanemuine / Esittely

The Big House of the Vanemuine is situated on a hill in central Tartu, as if symbolizing the theatre´s importance beside the University of Tartu. The
house was opened in 1967 on the site of the previous theatre that had been destroyed during World War Two. At the beginning of the 1970s the Vanemuine became the driving force behind Estonian theatre innovation, and the young
directors Jaan Tooming and Evald Hermaküla produced their famous experimental plays here. Now, almost forty years later, the same house is
still standing on the hill in bright lights, and its 700-seat hall opens its doors to theatregoers every evening. At the only Estonian theatre that
performs all genres, you can enjoy operas, ballets, musicals, operettas and of course plays.

Teater Vanemuine / Galleria

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