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The Sangaste Linnamäe Cottage / Esittely

The Sangaste Linnamäe Cottage lies in the territory of the Otepää Nature Park close to the west slope of the ancient Sangaste castle. Visitors are delighted by the lake Kirgjärv (Lake of Passion, 1,3 ha large) situated to the eastern slope of Linnamäe castle.

Surrounding landscape is picturesque, well structures and adorable. An archeological memorial - Sangaste Hill-Castle (earthen stronghold) will add the touch of ancient times with it`s well-preserved castle walls and moat.

The timber cottage was built in 2007. Commodious kitchen- lounge and sauna rooms lie on the first floor, two bedrooms with 15 beds on the second floor. Cottage is situated on the waterfront of a pond with floating bridge and a slide straight into the water.

Parking lot covered with stone pavement lies about 20 meters distance from the building.

Kitchen part of the cottage is equipped with refrigerator, electric stove, dishes, solid fuel oven. All rooms on the first floor have floor-heating by water. Sauna room is heated by wood oven, there are two showers in the shower room. WC is on the first floor. In southward room of the second floor there are two double beds and one single bed, in northward room two double and three single beds.

The cottage suits for one group from one day and night to longer duration.

The cottage is part of the buildings belonging to the Linnamäe cottage. You can add the number of accommodated persons by special agreement in the mansion building.
Very private location is at the same perfectly suitable for a vacation during every season. In winter it is the best for skiers, snowboarders, and during other seasons it fits for people fond of hiking, golf, swimming and other summer pleasures, and last but not least just for recuperation.

Assisted hiking and skiing tracks are in the vicinity:

* Harimäe watch tower - 1,5 km,
* Kekkonen track 1,5 km,
* Tartu Maraton track 800 m, Kääriku- 5 km,
* Kuutsemägi 11 km,
* Väike-Munamägi- 14 km,
* Otepää golf 13 km.

The Sangaste Linnamäe Cottage / Galleria

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