Tilleoru Landscape Reserve



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Tilleoru Landscape Reserve / Esittely

Tilleorg Landscape Reserve The Ahja River is also called the Tille River in its upper course. It has given a name to the scenic Tilleorg valley. On the average the primeval valley is 0.5 km wide and up to 35 m deep. The valley flat is full of springs. A sandstone outcrop called Meriooni on the bank of the Ahja River has a spring that gives out 16 l of water per second. In old times people belived that the spring was connected with the sea and therefore it was so extraordinarily rich in water. There is a big oak-tree, called Kuningatamm (the King’s Oak) growing on the slope of Tilleorg and according to the folk tradition the tree has grown from a walking stick of a Swedish king. A Road Museum is being founded in the historic Varbuse post station, which is located on the slope of Tilleorg valley.

Tilleoru Landscape Reserve / Galleria

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