Türi Vald

Türi, Järvamaa



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Türi, Järvamaa

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Türi Vald / Esittely

Türi is a peaceful and hospitable town. Being located in the heart of Estonia it is a good place for outings and also for stops when You are on a longer journey.
Walking trough Türi You will see well-kept gardens with rich selection of plants. You have a possibility to step in to the broadcasting museum or to the church. The main event in Türi is a Flower Fair in May. At summertime you can spend time in the beach of the artificial lake and at wintertime you can go in for sports in the swimming pool or at the ski tracks. People in Türi honour the handicraft and amateur art activities. We make it ourselves and we offer it to the quests.
Welcome to Türi- the spring capital of Estonia!

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