Ukrainian UkrainianGreek-Catholic Church

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Ukrainian UkrainianGreek-Catholic Church / Esittely

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is a newcomer in the Old Town, though the Ukrainian congregation has been active in Tallinn since the 17th century.
The intriguing building, right alongside the city wall, is indeed medieval, but during its long history it has always served a secular purpose. The Ukrainian congregation acquired the building a few years, and through renovations, have made it very pleasant: a sacred building which seems at once historical and modern. The church interior and iconostasis by Pyotr Gumenyuk is notable.
A small convent operates by the congregation, where nuns of the St. Familia Order work. The church is also the cultural center for Tallinn's Ukrainian community, and a small museum on Ukrainian religious art and handicraft is located here.

Ukrainian UkrainianGreek-Catholic Church / Galleria

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