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Väike Munamägi / Esittely

Väike Munamägi (Small Egg Hill) is 2,5km from the Otepää town-centre driving by the Valga road. Climbing up the hill definitely deserves the difficulty. The view in total covers more than 50 km. There is alpine skiing and snowboarding centre on the hill at winter time.
The absolute altitude of Väike or Otepää Munamägi is 207,5 m (relative altitude more than 80 m). There is a spring in the north-eastern slope (on Otepää's side) of Väike-Munamägi, that is for ages considered as the beginning of the river Väike-Emajõgi. A rivulet is directing down and disappears into the ground and reappears again in a meadow, joins with a small creek that flows in to the south-eastern part of Pühajärve park. The boulder at the edge of the first plain is the biggest in the neighbourhood - 25.000 kg. A 12,3 metre look-out tower was built in Munamägi in the year 1971 but it dilapidated in 1996.

Väike Munamägi / Galleria

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