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Virtsu tuletorn / Esittely

The lighthouse is located along the passage Suure, helps with orientation and safe passing of vessels. Need in creation of a lighthouse of Virtsu is caused under the act of 1856.
In 1863 in England the pig-iron lighthouse and the diopter device of constant fire was ordered. The same year construction of a lighthouse and serving buildings began.
In 1865 tower height with green domes was 28 meters, the work beginning in 1966. The height over the sea was 29 m, and visibility of 11 miles. The light was divided in sectors: white SE 16 ° to SW to 18 °, 18 ° SW red to 42 ° W to NW.
In 1881 after completion of construction of a beacon was changed lighting sector. In 1900 there was a diopter device. There was no red light and white was changed: SE 16 ° to S and W to NW 42 °. The lighthouse was painted in red.
In 1914 the visibility was of 16 miles.
In 1917 the lighthouse was destroyed.
In 1920 the Swedish company AGA put on the temporary lighthouse automatic light. The light characteristic was: Fl W 4 s; 0,4 + 3,6 = 4 s.
In 1924 the new concrete lighthouse which was in height 18 m and 2,5 m in diameter was established. The bottom was white, top was red.
In 1944 the lighthouse was destroyed by German army.
In 1945 temporary lighthouse was established, lamp height was 8 m. Automatic lamp was on the height of 11 m over the sea, visibility 11 miles. The characteristic was the same.
In 1951 was established new lighthouse which height was 18 m, height over the sea 19 m, visibility of 12 miles. The characteristic was the same.
In 1971 on the lighthouse new lamp was installed. Light characteristic: Fl W 5 s; 1,5 + 3,5 = 5 s. Today the light characteristic is the same. Today there are new lamps NL-300 on the lighthouse, Sabik corporation. The former office buildings were ruined. From 1895 to 1917 the lighthouse worked as life-saving station.

Virtsu tuletorn / Galleria

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