Estonian Air attracts Russian tourists to Estonia

Estonian Air is participating in two marketing campaigns to attract Russian tourists to Estonia: the St Petersburg campaign by Enterprise Estonia and the Russia campaign by the Tallinn City Tourist Office.

The aim of both campaigns is to increase the number of Russian tourists visiting Estonia by promoting the possibility to spend New Year’s Eve and winter holidays in Estonia. Special attention is paid to the cultural experiences – sightseeing, events and gourmet cuisine. Estonian Air provides fast and convenient flights between Moscow and Tallinn, and St Petersburg and Tallinn.

Russia is a rapidly growing and important source market for Estonia. Last year 82,000 Russian tourists stayed in Estonian hotels, spending on the average 2.5 days in Estonia, and ranking the largest national group visiting the country in 2008. Last year the number of tourists from Russia increased by 46%. The increase has continued in the first half of the current year, although at a slightly slower rate.

“Estonian Air has operated between Moscow and Tallinn for many years but direct flights between Tallinn and St Petersburg is a relatively recent news in the Russian market, and needs constant reminding. We consider such campaigns very important: on the one hand they promote opportunities to spend a holiday and vacation in our country and, on the other hand, the convenient ways of travelling to Estonia,” explains Rauno Parras, acting Vice President Commercial of Estonian Air.

Estonian Air flies between Tallinn and St Petersburg four times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Flights are operated with SAAB 340 aircraft, with a capacity of 33 passengers.
Flights between Tallinn and Moscow run three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Flights are operated with Boeing 737-500 and 737-300 aircraft with a capacity of 118 and 142 passengers respectively.

For information and tickets visit our website at, contact Estonian Air Customer Service (+ 372 6 401 163) or your travel agency. Additional information about the campaigns is available at:

Additional information:
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