Kärdla Cafés' Day

Kärdla Café Day is an unprecedented local initiative on the shores of the Baltic. In the course of one Saturday in August, 15 cafés will open their doors and gates in courtyards, public squares and places that have thus far been hidden from the public.

Who are the cafés’ proprietors? Families, groups of friends and the like-minded, having fun running their own café for a day, preparing the best they have to offer and greeting visitors– you, dear coffee connoisseurs visiting Hiiumaa!

In years past, coffee has been served by the police, the Defence League, Orientalists, hikers, Greeks, Pärnu residents, a dentist’s family, American car enthusiasts, the finest poets of Paris, and so on and so on. Above all, though, it’s Kärdla’s party.

This year, an Estonian design and music café will be on hand to represent Tallinn, European Capital of Culture. On offer, there will be a selection of pleasant Estonian design pillows and chairs and a chance to listen to the best that contemporary Estonian music has to offer.

Kärdla will be full of the smell of fresh baked goods and coffee on 6 August 2011. Fifteen cafés and a few more nice stories about Estonia’s capital of coffee, Kärdla. Drink coffee, enjoy summer and fall in love with Hiiumaa!




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Kärdla, Hiiumaa

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