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Atla Manor And Ceramics / Apraksts

The earliest mention of this estate dates from 1422. One of the last lords of the manor was Alexander Konstantin von Barlöwen. The building you see today was built on the ruins of the former manor. The estate runs its own woodworking and ceramics workshops.
Did you know…?
*During the Mahtra War the estate was the headquarters of the penal forces
*Atla manor has acted as a prisoner of war camp, a horse hire point, a tractor station, student camp accommodation and a shop
*The manor still has its own shop, where you can purchase antiques and its own ceramics
*In its workshops you can try your hand at ceramics and painting
*The lands on the estate are home to miniature goats
*Outdoor events, soirees and seminars can all be held at the manor

Atla Manor And Ceramics / Galerija

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