Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Esteticline / Apraksts


Prices start from 120 €

Imitation of natural eyebrows
3D volume – use of three or more tones
Shading with imitation of natural eyebrows
Forming of eyebrows with “Anti-age” technology

Prices starting from 85 €

Effecting dense eyelashes with added pigment
Classic wave effect
Smoky line by using shading with different tones
Decorative eyelashes effect
Shine technique – toning of inner eye corner
Complete or dotted line of lower eyelid

Prices starting from 150 €

Creating more concrete contour using natural shades
Rectifying form and birth defects with different natural shades
“Baby Doll”, childlike lips effect
Water colour technique – light diffusion without contours
3D – visual enlargement using three or more shades
Complete covering with colour
Correction of age related attributes with “Anti-age” technique

Correction of permanent make-up

During 1st month 40 €
Maintenance during two years

Correction and removal of low quality permanent make-up

Decorative permanent make-up

Pattern tattoo with white shade
Tattoo of bikini area
Decorative birthmark

Aesthetic permanent make-up

Cover-up of scars
Correction of the shape of areola
Permanent make-up for men

Forming and dyeing of eyebrows 10 €

Dyeing of eyelashes 4€

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