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"Super sõbralik juht, mõnus buss, kõik oli väga tore ja meeldiv!!! (5.0)" Write a review

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Hansabuss / Apraksts

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P - P 9:00-17:00

Charter transportation
Whether you need to organise a class trip or have an outing with your colleagues or friends, Hansabuss is always at your service. Our different price classes and a wide range of buses provide each client with a chance to choose the most suitable option. Hansabuss offers charter services for your conference or concert trips and leisure tours, always ensuring a positive and professional experience.

* Business class

* First class
First Class is the undisputed high mark in Estonian motor coach service. An experience that has been praised by Eurovision stars, members of the royal families of Sweden and Denmark, the president of Iceland, the Rolling Stones, Phil Collins and many other celebrities on visits to Estonia. A class characterized by words like perfection, comfort and pleasant surprises that your passengers would not even begin to suspect

* Classic class
Classic means the best cost to quality ratio the Estonian bus market has to offer. At a consistent European level, always on time and in the right place. Safe and worry free travel on comfortable buses.

* Basic class
Basic takes care of the fundamental travel needs, getting travelers from point A to point B for an economical price. Nothing fancy. A favorable price. But always consistent quality.


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Elli Elva
Rating: 5.0

Super sõbralik juht, mõnus buss, kõik oli väga tore ja meeldiv!!! (07.09.2010)

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