Kassari Horse Riding Hikes

Kassari, Hiiumaa



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Kassari, Hiiumaa

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Kassari Horse Riding Hikes / Apraksts

Kassari Ratsamatkad (Horse Riding Hikes) is located on a little Kassari Island at the edge of Hiiumaa and it offers the possibility to hike on horses according to the wishes and possibilities. The hikes last from one hour to several days. On short hikes (1–5 h) you can enjoy the seaside bird paradise of Käina Gulf – Kassari Landscape Reserve, hike on the trails of the pirate Unger Sternberg or get acquainted with the ancient Vikings’ war port. Longer hikes (2–5 days) will take you to Tahkuna Peninsula on the northern coast of Hiiumaa, to Vohilaid on the western coast of Hiiumaa and to many other beautiful places.

It is also possible to hike in the marsh and ride through the sea.

Kassari Horse Riding Hikes / Galerija

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