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Kiidjärve / Apraksts

Nature walks full of experience begin from the centre of Kiidjärve. On a walk to Otteni watermill you can feel yourself as one of the characters of the popular film "The Last Holy Relict ". You can also stop and admire Kiidjärve watermill. Or you can cycle to the places mentioned. Travelling in a spring-carriage is also exciting and during a trail ride on horseback in the forest you can identify yourself with romantic heroes of the past centuries for a little while. Those who are looking for adventures may try a canoe trip, lasting for 4-5 hours, along the Ahja River. A tourist can get a fantastic impression of South Estonia when sliding slowly along the river between Devonian sandstone outcrops, have a roof of trees which bend over the water and listen to singing birds. There are some stretches of river with more rapid flow, which make the trip more extreme, and in case you are not alert enough you can get wet too. There is a park of an estate founded more than 200 years ago at hardly a kilometre’s distance from the centre of Kiidjärve and there is also a lake with one of the best bathing places in the neighbourhood.

Kiidjärve / Galerija

Sūtīt e-pastu

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