Kivijüri Guesthouse

Kärdla, Hiiumaa



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Kärdla, Hiiumaa

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Kivijüri Guesthouse / Apraksts

Kivijüri guesthouse is located in Kärdla which is the capital town of Hiiumaa.
Our guesthouse is ideal for families and small societies. Thanks to the good location
it is easy to get to the centre and to the beach within a few minutes even on foot.
We are open all seasons!

Kivijüri Guesthouse has:
- 4 rooms
- Every room is provided with shower and restroom
- Option for extra bed
- Cosy fireplace hall
- Sauna

Besides lodging we have also:
- Barbecue place in the garden
- Tent places
- Bicycle rental
- Car rental

Kivijüri Guesthouse / Galerija

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