Kõmsi Tarandkalmed




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Sūtīt e-pastu

Kõmsi Tarandkalmed / Apraksts

There are more than 2500 years old fenced burial mounds near Kõmsi Russian orthodox church. One of the mounds has been left open after exploration and the other one has been reconstructed. The open mound consists of nearly a couple of dozen fenced graves, the older ones are in the middle of the mound and are big. In the beginning the dead were buried without burning, later on they were also buried after burning. The mound was abandoned the latest at the time of the change in the system of chronology. Kõmsi mounds have been rich in findings – the most valuable was the jewellery originating from the headwaters of Volga-Oka. There is also the ground of 11th-13th century burning funerals and the remains of ancient fields have been preserved on a large area.

Kõmsi Tarandkalmed / Galerija

Sūtīt e-pastu

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