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Kusti Turismitalu Vilsandil / Apraksts

Open 01.05.07 - 15.09.07

If you are keen on nature, you have a romantic character, you need some time away from your everyday life or if you have ran out of inspiration, Vilsandi is the place for you. Vilsandi is also great for spending your holiday with children. You can camp outside with your friends and family, enjoy sitting and telling stories around the fireplace and stay up for as long as you want. On island Vilsandi at Kusti tourist farm it is possible to order simple but tasty meals, we offer accommodation and many nature experiences. You can borrow optics and bicycles, order charter boat trips to beautiful and bird-rich archipelago, where you could also see some Grey seals. It is possible to learn about marine life and order a boat for scuba diving.
We can help you to organize a charter boat trip or hike from Saaremaa to “Bird paradise” Vilsandi. By ordering a guide you can get acquainted with maritime culture, unique geology, rich fauna, rare plant species and many other sights. You can spend your day off by playing golf, smoking fish, hiking and sunbathing. If you chose to stay for a night you can camp. Kusti tourist farm organizes also nature camps and study trips not only Vilsandi but also all around Saaremaa as well.
Season from 1st May – 15th October.

Kusti Turismitalu Vilsandil / Galerija

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