Kuutse Tõnni Trahter

Otepää, Valgamaa



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Otepää, Valgamaa

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Kuutse Tõnni Trahter / Apraksts

The Kuutse Tõnni tavern working at Kuutsemäe Resort is opened 7 days a week from 11.00 for as long as the ski lifts are running. The tavern is commodious and partially 2-leveled housing up to 300 visitors.
During day times the food served is of a fastfood nature - from the counter you may choose and piece out a suitable menu for your tastes. From what we offer you are sure to find Kuutsemäe Thick Soup, warm food, salads, coffee and white breads, juices and soft drinks, etc.
Of course, one part of a great winter day is a hot drink – it relaxes and pampers the cold. The best winter drinks are surely available in the Kuutse Tõnni tavern's bar.
For the evenings, you may order a formal banquet for your company. To do so, please call the number 76 69007 to inform us of your wishes. If you order a banquet along with everything else needed for the party from the center, you are free from paying seperately for the rooms.
On the best days - on saturdays and major holidays - we have live music along with lots of fun. When that happens, we will post information about it in the news section. In cases like that, the tavern is open for as long as the party is still going!

Kuutse Tõnni Trahter / Galerija

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