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Metsavana Holiday House / Apraksts

The private holiday house that is located 12 km from Otepää is suitable for families, smaller parties and nature lovers. The house has an outside hall for up to 80 people.

General amenities

Car park (not guarded)
Kitchen/dining room
Recreation room
Camping area
Free parking

Additional services

Camping available
Kitchen available
Cooking facilities available

Number of rooms

Rooms total: 5
Beds: 10
Number of beds in the high season: 10
Number of beds in the low season: 10
Number of beds in winter: 10

Room amenities

Shared toilet
Extra bed available
Shared facilities
Bed linen

Free time and relaxation

Sauna complex

Metsavana Holiday House / Galerija

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Rating: 5.0

Väga kaunis koht! (18.09.2013)

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