Raadi Mõis

Tartu, Tartumaa



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Tartu, Tartumaa

Tartu, Tartumaa

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Raadi Mõis / Apraksts

Raadi Manor, which used to be located very close to Tartu, stood out with its rich collection of art and library and the lounge evenings held there. The first half of the 19th century can be considered the best times of the manor as it was frequented by many famous musicians and artists. Maria Fyodorova, wife of Tsar Paul I, is said to have been an admirer of the Raadi Manor Park. In autumn 1940, more than 100 ha of the land of Raadi Manor was used to expands the airfield of the Soviet Union. The mansion was bombed and caught fire in 1944.

Raadi Mõis / Galerija

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