Restaurant & Bar Nero

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Restaurant & Bar Nero / Apraksts

Our classy Nero restaurant seats 186 people and is a real oasis for gourmets. The delicious dishes impeccably served by our staff in a colourful atmosphere offer more than just a memorable meal.
The hotel’s Chef de Cuisine Andrus Laaniste plays with strong tastes and unexpected combinations and has created an a la carte menu that is full of exciting flavours from all over the world. Broaden your world of tastes and find new favourites! Guests can also enjoy a pleasant and colourful atmosphere in addition to a delicious meal.

Nero restaurant is a part of a spa hotel and therefore tries to focus on serving healthy food. The Spa Cuisine menu is low-calorie, but a lot of effort has also gone into preserving the nutrients in the ingredients used for cooking tasty meals.

In 2011 restaurant Nero was acknowledged by the key employees in the Estonian restaurants business and awarded the 17th place among the 50 BEST Restaurants in Estonia.

Restaurant & Bar Nero / Galerija

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