Restaurant Pirosmani

Tallinn, Harjumaa



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Tallinn, Harjumaa

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Restaurant Pirosmani / Apraksts

A feast for belly and spirit - that is Georgian cuisine! Nowadays many try to surprise guests, having prepared hinkali, chakhohbili or hartcho at home. We are pleased with such big interest in Georgian cuisine! But only in "Pirosmani" you will get authentic Georgian cuisine (if, of course, you not not a Georgian your self). Bring your family, friends or colleagues - we guarantee you a hearty welcome and hospitality you heard of only in numerous legends of our people ...

Those who have visited the remarkable land of Georgia, are ready and willing to compose songs about our culinary traditions and feasts! To enjoy this eternal feast and traditions that remind us about eternal values, to plunge into atmosphere of original Georgia - all of this you can do in restaurant "Pirosmani". Our Georgian cooks are brought up on traditions of hospitality, and they will care with utmost attention about your table: you will have the freshest dishes prepared according to centuries old recipes passed on from father to son. A juicy shashlik, magnificent lobio, mouthwatering chakhohbili - any of our dishes is prepared with kindness and pure heart as though you were our dearest guest!

"Pirosmani", perhaps, is the coziest place for any meetings. Holidays, romantic dinners, business meetings - in each case our personnel will serve you in a way only hospitable Georgian people can. When in Georgian mountains, you start to understand how unique a human life is... and how important it is to keep a right diet for a long and happy life. Only in a right atmosphere (which we have kept for many years) one can taste the gifts of Nature gifts, enjoying them with a glass of kind wine. By the way, at our restaurant there is a fine collection of the most perfect Georgian wines...

All year long you can visit our cozy main hall, and there is a summer court yard in warm months as well. Good conditions for any occasion, authentic music and faultless service, the original spirit of Georgia - that is "Pirosmani"!


Restaurant Pirosmani / Galerija

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