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Sassi Guesthouse / Apraksts

House is suitable for birthdays, celebrations, seminars but it is possible to successfully arrange other activities - for example a skiing camp. It is located in Põlva county, in a private location between nearby forests and hills. The housing complex also includes a capacious smoke sauna with a large pond. You can enjoy nature and countless forest trails in peace and undisturbed. House size is 240m2 with a parlour of 50m2. There is also a fireplace, outdoor terraces, chamber grill and the possibility to use internet and watch tv. Guesthouse is very comfortable and tastefully furnished in country style. On the gorund floor is a voluminous reception room, party hall, kitchen. Three private bedrooms with a large vestibule are located on the second floor. The house was built in the second half of 2008 and recently was completed a new bunk house with a total of 30 sleeping places.

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