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Estonian handicraft is highly valued as the expression of the identity of Estonians. Estonian craft is important for the local inhabitants and distinct in the eyes of foreigners. Traditional craft skills are an essential part of our mental cultural heritage. We have unique resources and values and abundant historical and cultural heritage; yet we feel that Estonian handicrafts, in their authentic and proper form, have not yet been fully valued and are not accessible in Europe.

Hence the mission of our company:
- To offer our e-shop customers unique and distinct craft products from Estonia, ecologically clean, healthy, made of local raw materials and by the local labour force;

- To raise the awareness of customers with regard to the natural materials used for Estonian handicraft objects, i.e. to promote folk traditions and cultural and historical heritage, and make a real impression;

- To provide employment, opportunities for additional means of subsistence and marketing-related support to the craft masters of rural areas and from among the older generation, all over Estonia (currently, the Estonian handicraft makers have only one possibility to sell outside Estonia – taking their goods to craft shops targeted at potential foreign tourists);

- To support local active groups and people, and to enhance the mutual communication; to support small-size entrepreneurship and favour the emergence of companies with a small number of staff, to support traditions and the creation of entrepreneurial networks aimed at better marketing of products.

Www.estcraft.com - Estonian Handicraft Online Shop / Galerija

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