We will catch up with Finland...

The number of visitors in Latvia grew faster last year than the number of visitors in Estonia. More accommodation places were opened in Riga, Tallink is negotiating to open the Riga-Stockholm shipping line, and the number of Finnish tourists in Estonia decreased – all this news have raised concern in our tourism field lately. However, Estonia’s profit from incoming tourism was EEK 13.9 billion in 2004. Awareness of tourism opportunities in the Baltic States is continually low – the tourism products of the three countries are considered similar. Estonia is successful primarily due to Finnish tourists. Riga Airport served more than 1.8 million passengers last year and is hoping to serve 2.5 million this year. Tallinn Airport had 1.4 million passengers. Riga also has more international air services. It is likely that Riga’s role, as the aviation centre of the Baltic States will strengthen even more.


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