10th Estonian Dance Platform Uus Tants / New Dance

"Uus Tants" is an anniversary festival, which offers an overview of Estonian contemporary dance of the past two years.

In addition to performances, the program also includes morning dance classes, daily seminars and discussions, evening performances and nocturnal social, work and interest group meetings.


12.00 International choreographers meeting
Cultural Center (Posti str. 3)
16.30 Mihkel Ernits "Bodysnatchers"
Railway station (Raudtee 2)
17.30 Karl Saks "Chud"
Cultural House. Dance Hall. (Posti str. 3)
18.30 Kaja Lindal & Mari Mägi (Insight Company) Two Women in the Kitchen (To Say Nothing of the Banana)
Cultural Center. Theatre Hall. (Posti str. 3).
20.00 Jüri Nael "Waiting For..."
Cultural Center (Posti str. 3)
21.30 Festival Club
UUS TANTS 10 Opening

11.00 Dance Theatre Zick Iloni Imedemaa (Ilon Wikland's Wonderland Center)
Kooli str. 5
12.00 Seminar Dance and Critics. Marginal art?
Cultural Center. (Posti str. 3)
17.30 Külli Roosna "Circle Through"
Cultural House. Dance Hall. (Posti 3).
19.15 united dancers of ZUGA "Old Buddies"
Cultural House. Theatre Hall. (Posti str 3).
20.30 Tallinn Dance Theatre "Photo Lab Is Working In Real Time "
Haapsalu High School (Kuuse str.1)
21.30 Festival Club

11.00 united dancers of ZUGA "Zuga, zuug, zuh-zuh- zuh"
Iloni Imedemaa (Ilon Wikland' Wonderland Center) Kooli str. 5
14.00 Seminar The future of the festival: how current is UUS TANTS?
Cultural Center (Posti str. 3)
19.00 Henri Hütt "The Reader"
Cultural Center. Dance Hall. (Posti str. 3)
20.00 Sandra Z "Autists/Artists"
Cultural Center. Theatre Hall. (Posti str. 3)
22.00 Festival Club


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