The first Eksperimenta! contemporary art triennial opens in Tallinn

The topic of the 2011 triennial exhibition is “Space”. Each curator has created a concept for their national exposition and selected artworks on the basis on the overall theme. What is special about E! is that young people are given the chance to work with professional artists and by the “game rules” of professional art exhibitions.

The first ever contemporary youth art international triennial wishes to guide young people to see inspirational opportunities in both everyday and global issues, unleashing a flow of creative thinking and problem-solving. E! strives to be a hotbed of creativity, a free-thinking zone of smart ideas.

Eksperimenta! presents various artistic production by young authors from Russia, Canada, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, South Korea, Ireland and Iceland. The national expositions comprise artworks of experimental film, photography, new media, installation, painting and drawing, sculpture, land art, site-specific work etc.

All international journalists are welcomed at E! press days on April 26-27. The official triennial opening at the Song Festival Grounds is held on April 27 at 3 p.m. with the openings of national expositions and the award ceremony for best artist, curator and exposition, chosen by the E! international jury.

During the opening week of Eksperimenta!, IDEAlaboratory art education programme will take place at the triennial. IDEAlaboratory consists of workshops and seminars on contemporary art, art education and creativity, bringing together art education experts, researchers, practitioners, teachers and school students from all over the world.

International art educators and school students are welcomed to take part of the IDEAlaboratory workshops and seminars in Tallinn on April 28. - 30. For registration, timetable and additional information, please see

Eksperimenta! invites school students and teachers from Europe and beyond to organise school excursions to Eksperimenta! in May-June 2011. E! offers a unique opportunity to explore contemporary youth art and compare the works and thoughts of youth from different cultural backgrounds. For useful tips on planning the excursions, please see

In 2011 Tallinn is the European Capital of Culture, E! is one of the major events of Tallinn2011 programme. In 2011 the best stories will be told in Tallinn and E! is the first story of its kind in the world of contemporary youth art.

Picture: E! Lithuanian exposition artwork „Sleeping Man“. Author and photo: Vejas Aliukas

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