Esto Culture Week Kicks Off in Hungary

The annual Estonian cultural week in Hungary gets its start on May 4, with events in this year's program taking place in three cities - Budapest, Szeged and Szombathely.

Throughout the week, audiences will be introduced to the most recent Estonian fiction films, helpfully subtitled in Hungarian. The list includes the internationally-renowned "Temptation of St Tony" directed by Veiko Õunpuu and Marko Raadi’s film "Snow Queen," which has been screened at festivals around the world. The program also includes Estonian documentaries and student films.

The Hungarian theatrical troupe TAP will perform writer Mart Kivastik's short-play "Nokia 3310" and the Estonian rock band Vägilased (The Mightiest) is scheduled to take the stage at the Merilin International Theatre in Budapest.

A joint exhibition of Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian traditional jewelry is also in the works. Its objective is to introduce the Finno-Ugric worldview through symbols and special craft techniques.

Estonian art photography is represented by Fred Jüssi's exhibition "Stone Patterns," as well as by Peeter Langovits's "Countdown," the latter portraying the preparations for the European Cultural Capital events, which this year are taking place in Tallinn.

The Estonian cultural week in Hungary has taken place every spring since 2008.


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